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How to Find the Right Dentist for You

Did you know that up to 40 million people in the United States, or 15 percent of the population, are anxious or fearful of seeing the dentist? As a result, it can take only the very best Seattle dentist to persuade them to visit for a check-up or procedure. Knowing how important your oral care is, you must fight your fears and make an appointment. Here’s how to find the right Seattle dentist for you.

1. Search Online

Whether you’re new to Seattle or you’re finally realizing you need to get on top of your oral care, you will find it’s a good idea to look around. Search for a Seattle dentist online and scroll through your options. You can then narrow down the closest and most convenient options, working from a list to strike it down to one. By searching online, you are also able to find answers to many questions you were worried about asking the clinics.

2. Read Reviews

Around 84 percent of people trust online reviews of businesses as much as their friends and family’s recommendations. If you are one of those people, then read the reviews about the Seattle dentists you find online. Take note of people’s experiences and whether they found them to be professional and affordable. The star rating out of five can be a critical indicator that they are a Seattle dentist you can trust.

3. Friends and family

If you aren’t one of the 84 percent of people who put faith in online reviews, then talk to friends and family. Find out which Seattle dentist they use and whether they would be happy to recommend them. Getting a first-hand recount from someone who can tell you all about their experience can often put your mind at ease.

4. Ask questions

Before you make an appointment with any Seattle dentist, you will most likely have a few questions. Phone the dentists on your “maybe” list to find out whether they meet the mark or not. Questions you may like to ask include pricing, services, and care for those with fear or anxiety.

Choosing a Seattle dentist is no mean feat, especially given how many there are! Talk to friends and family, read reviews, look online, and ask questions. You will then end up with a Seattle dentist you can trust.