Evisort Leads the Charge in Bringing AI to Business

The Pitfalls of Legal Filing and Data Processing


Ask any seasoned law clerk about the pitfalls of legal documentation. They’ll likely tell you a story about the tens, often hundreds of pages to sort through in order to obtain a single piece of information. Rifling through countless documents in a filing cabinet is tedious at best, and a waste of productive hours at worst. The digitization of documents certainly went a long way in clearing up the clutter, but detail specific tasks still took countless hours of sorting and processing, time that could be better and more efficiently used. Enter Evisort, a Bay Area startup founded in 2016 by Jake Ting, Amine Anoun, and Jake Sussman, all members of Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30.


Evisort: A Promising Solution


As its name suggests, Evisort deals with the sorting of legal evidence, specifically data from legal contracts. Evisort’s mission is one of efficiency: Their cloud-based legal contract management system utilizes modern AI algorithms to process not just words but also meanings in legal contracts and documentation, enabling corporate attorneys, financial professionals, and business units to quickly and efficiently sort and extract data from countless pages of legal contracts when needed. Gone are the days of tedious manual data-entry and input errors, not to mention innumerable hours of reading in order to extract specific information.


What the Future Holds for Evisort


From its modest beginnings in the Harvard Innovation Labs to offices in Boston and Silicon Valley, Evisort has been steadily expanding its operations and branching out into new domains, attracting the attention of industry experts and business investors. On February 19th, 2019, Evisort announced the acquisition of $4.5 Million in seed funding from Village Global and other investors, including Amity Ventures, Serra Ventures, and several executives from Ropes & Gray, SAP, Accenture and Disney. It’s worth noting that among the backers of Village Global are such tech notables as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, a promising sign for the young startup that managed to attract the attention of the biggest names in tech in less than three years.


Thanks to the seed funding, Evisort will be able to significantly scale and expand their operations. The funding presents a unique opportunity to work with to other organizations and industries in order to come up with unique data and legal documentation solutions. Although Evisort has primarily worked with law firms to date, their powerful AI algorithms can be adapted to any number of industries, and can provide invaluable tools and time savings for companies small and large.


As per Yahoo News, Evisort has recently hired legal tech veteran Alex Su as its director of business development.


Leading the Charge in the Business World


As technology evolves, often at a pace that’s difficult to keep up with, companies sometimes struggle to adapt and modernize. Evisort is at the forefront of that evolution, integrating AI into the business world and ensuring its clients aren’t left behind as the world changes the way it conducts business. Any company dealing with an abundance of employee contracts or other legal documentation would be well advised to take not of Evisort’s innovations, as their technology promises to streamline searches and maximize efficiency when it comes to legal data processing.


As Evisort expands its team and clientele it continues to carve a place for itself in the modern business world, a place which promises a brighter future for companies once cursed with the burden of sifting through countless papers and legal contracts.


Visit www.evisort.com for more information.