How Long Does It Take to Become a Dental Hygienist in Seattle?

As we shall see below, the maximum duration of one’s route to the job of dental hygienist in Seattle should not take longer than seven and a half years to complete.

Associate’s Degree

This usually takes two years to earn and provides basic understanding of dental practices and dental care. The program will teach you how to better understand the needs of your patients and will also improve your interpersonal skills. Most importantly, you will learn how to interact with other healthcare practitioners.

Baccalaureate’s Degree

A Baccalaureate’s degree is a kind of extension for your associate’s degree and can be earned online, as well. While on the program, you will upgrade your knowledge about dental hygiene and will also improve your professional skills.

You also have the chance to practice what you have learned. Of course, you can start practicing as soon as you earn your Associate’s degree, but we strongly encourage you to go for a Baccalaureate’s one, too. The program takes about a year and a half to complete.

Bachelor’s Degree

Most BA programs in Dental Hygiene offered in Seattle area take four years to complete. A BA has more gravity than an Associate’s or a Baccalaureate’s Degree.

Master’s Degree

This is the penultimate step before getting your license and it takes between a year or two to complete. There are a few MA programs in Dental Hygiene currently offered in Seattle.

Get Your License

To become a licensed dental hygienist in Seattle, you have to pass a comprehensive test with multiple sections, each containing a different number of multiple-choice questions.

If you fail the test, you are allowed to re-sit it after three months. If you fail three times in a row, you must wait one full year before you could take the test again.