How Much Does the Average Dentist Make a Year in Seattle?

Google says that the answer to this question is $166,415 as of October 31, 2018, adding that the range typically falls between $148,598 and $194,601.


Statistical data quoted on shows that dentists in Seattle area who have practiced for twenty years or more make by 22% more money on the average than their colleagues who are at the start of their careers.

And there is a good reason for that – patients trust experienced dentists more than their younger colleagues who have just completed their specialization. Consequently, the latter concede to charging less for their services in order to win the trust of their clientele.

On the same note, dentists with experience of between ten and twenty years make 14% more money a year than their inexperienced colleagues.


Dental surgeons in Seattle make 19% more money a year on the average than their colleagues who practice general dentistry.

Those who have some public health skills also tend to earn more than those of their colleagues who do not possess any such skills. On the whole, dentists with some specialization tend to earn more than auxiliary staff.


It goes without saying that dental studios and offices located in the touristy areas of Seattle are likely to make more money than ones located in the outskirts and in some less attractive quarters of the city.

This is so, because the former locations attract more tourists from across the USA and even from overseas, and many of them are likely to experience dental emergencies and seek the nearest dentist available.

For instance, according to information published on the website, Smileland Dental is one of the most profitable practices in the area, as the average dentist there makes $212,644 a year, which is a full quarter above the national average.